Raise Your Hand, If You’re Sure

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7 May 2012

72 days ago we launched a campaign for freedom for the 27 million men, women and children trapped in human slavery around the world.  The idea wasn’t simply to lend our voices to those who cannot speak for themselves for a short segment of time.  Rather, to call the world to join with us as we link with others to continue the fight to help end slavery now.

With the launch, a 103′ tall Freedom Hand was raised in the midst of the city, a powerful and determined symbol of worship + justice that has stretched into the Atlanta sky for most of the year.  Beginning with Passion 2012, where 42K+ students and leaders gave over $3 million to fund and activate local and global freedom causes, the Freedom Hand has come to embody the heartbeat of a generation that refuses to stand by while others are exploited, used and crushed right before our eyes.

For some, the 72DaysForFreedom Campaign has been about awakening, opening many eyes to what happens everyday in Atlanta (in the very neighborhood we at Passion City Church call home) and in places all around the world.  For others, it’s been about engagement, as people have given over $185,000 to make possible new aftercare and restoration programs for girls rescued from sex trafficking in Atlanta and Vancouver, and to help fund a new 24 hour hotline in Greece, one of the world’s leading nations for sex trafficking exploitation.

Others have become champions of the fight, hosting showings of the Freedom Film, educating themselves and others as to ways to make a tangible difference, writing term papers for college classes and staging their own awareness/engagement campaigns on campuses, in churches, and at local events.

In just a few months, over 72,000 people have signed our Freedom Petition, asking the President to use the resources at his disposal and the influence of our nation to make the US the leader in the fight against modern-day slavery wherever it flourishes.

And we have prayed.  Led by the 72 day prayer journey we have raised our voices to Jesus, the original abolitionist.

The time has gone by quickly, yet so much has been accomplished, awakened, invested, sown.  Together, we have been, and are, a force for good.

Soon, the Freedom Hand will come down.  But make no mistake, the quest to set the captives free continues.  Our campaign may have lasted 72 days.  The fight will last until freedom comes to all.