For The World!

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20 Sep 2012

The heartbeat and mission of Passion City Church is reflected in four simple, yet clarifying statements:
for God.
for people.
for the city.
for the world.

We love being a church where Jesus is central, people are made whole and our city is restored. But we also feel connected to the world, and love being a part of a global movement, namely the Church Jesus is building across the earth. We are eager to engage with God’s Kingdom agenda, bringing hope and truth to all people, everywhere, serving and building up His Church around the globe.

Thus, we’re excited to be sending out our Passion Conferences team to host gatherings in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, South Africa and Kampala, Uganda. We have a huge expectation for the potential of these nights–our first Passion events open to all ages–as the Church is united, vision is fueled and Jesus is lifted higher.

As you may know, our Passion Conferences team has been circling the globe for the past few years, hosting gatherings for university-aged young people in cities like Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Vancouver, Sao Paulo and Manila. For more on our journey:

In addition to our Passion World Tour events, Passion City Church is sending out our first global teams to facilitate on-the-ground projects in partnership with local churches/ministries.  These three teams will be working in Potchefstroom (outside Johannesburg), Cape Town and Gulu (Northern Uganda). After their week-long efforts serving local communities, these teams will become Door Holders for our Passion gatherings at the event closest to their project locations.

Honestly, this is a huge step for our growing Passion City tribe, and everyone has a role to play. Please mark the dates and pick up a Passion World Tour prayer card from the Blue Container at 515.  If you’d like to give toward the project expenses for our global teams as they build homes and schools for orphans, feed the poor and help lead sports camps you can do so here!

As we go, pray that Jesus will be made famous, and that unity will knit our teams as we trust God’s Spirit to bring lasting change to the lives of all we have the privilege of serving.

Together, we’re a force for good.