Passion 2013 Scholarships Now Available For Guys

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16 Oct 2012

Scholarships for guys now available

Passion 2013 is fast approaching and tens of thousands of college students and 18-25s are staking their places at The Dome. It’s amazing to see the buzz growing as people want to be a part of what God is doing in this generation.

While many have the means to attend, others are struggling to make the finances work. As you may know, for the second year Beth Moore and Living Proof Ministries have generously provided scholarships to make it possible for young ladies who have never been able to attend Passion 2013. This is a huge investment in the next generation.

But what about the guys? Aren’t there men who, with a little financial assistance, would like to be a part of Passion in The Dome?

We are pumped to announce that Passion has received a grant that will now provide scholarships for men who are hoping to be a part of this year’s Passion gathering. Obviously, we are thrilled and grateful for this generous gift and, as a result, are currently making 500 scholarships available to those who qualify.

If you’re a guy, a HS senior or 18-25, get all the info and apply here.

Hope to see you at The Dome!

Louie Giglio and the Passion Team