Farewell To UK Friends

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22 Jul 2010

For the past two years it has been a huge treat to have Matt and Beth Redman on our team as we have planted and launched Passion City Church.  These guys have been close friends and a part of the Passion/sixsteps family for years, so it has been really cool (and pretty surreal) having them live down the street vs. across the ocean.  Yet, the time has come for them to return to family and friends in the UK.  Obviously, we hate to see them go, but we know God has great things ahead and will see them often as Matt remains a part of our sixsteps tribe.

If you’ve been around our world at all you know we have a running routine of short jokes between Mr. Tomlin and Mr. Redman, but in all seriousness, in our eyes Matt is one hundred feet tall.  Both he and Beth are gifted in extraordinary ways and their beautiful family–Maisey, Noah, Rocco, Jackson, Levi–will be missed by all.

We love you all so much and have great expectation for your lives in the days ahead!

Louie and Shelley and the PCC Team

PS- Matt will be leading at PCC this week [July 25/Cobb Energy Centre/6PM].

A brief word from Matt and Beth….

In the summer of 2008 we left the UK and made our home in Atlanta for the launch of Passion City Church. Having known Louie and Shelley for a decade, our move to the USA has simply been an extension of an already existing friendship and partnership in ministry. We’ve spent two exciting years here, and feel very privileged to have been around for the beginnings of such an inspiring expression of church. We now feel it’s time to head back to England and raise our five children there – and anticipate re-locating sometime later in 2010.

We value our friendships with the Giglios, Chris Tomlin and the team here as highly as ever, and know we’ll journey with them for many years to come. Our enthusiasm for the vision of Passion and sixstepsrecords also remains as strong as ever. We’ll be sad to leave this wonderful local body of believers here in Atlanta, with such exciting days ahead of them – but look forward to all that God has in store for us back in the UK.

Matt and Beth Redman, summer 2010.